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'89 80 Quattro at 33K miles (long)

You said:
  Other fixed problems (don't have service records handy, so no mileage):
  - driver's seat heater relay chatters when at setpoint; replaced under
  warranty (long order time, took a couple months)

I have noticed this as well on both the passenger and drivers side (I
have an '90 80 Quattro). Someone else 
  (From: uunet!lanmola.engr.washington.edu!eliot
   Subject: 10000 mile report:  Audi V8.  (PART 1)) mentioned:
  - Passenger seat heater goes "click click click" when hot
  ... minor and is not bothersome enough for me to pursue
  it.  The mechanics tell me it's "normal" meaning that it's too minor
  an item to fix.

Can you tell me how you persuaded them to fix this?

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