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Re: '89 80 Quattro at 33K miles (long)

Interesting, I haven't seen the reflection of my message from the
mailing list, and I'm getting a question about it.

> Can you tell me how you persuaded them to fix this?

One of the things about the dealer here in COS is that they're straight
with you.  (Even the salescritter was absolutely straight; unfortunately
he has moved on.)  They rarely say "it's normal" when I report a problem.
One exception is the occasional noisy whine, apparently from the fuel
pump, on high-temperature high-altitude days.  They say this is normal,
and since I've heard VWs do it too, I'll believe that.

Anyway:  I'd have to dig out the service records, but I think I reported
the seat heater chatter problem late last year or early this year.  The
service slip said they'd ordered a relay.  I mentioned it at least once
thereafter and was told it "wasn't in yet."  I didn't mention it thereafter,
and was surprised to find that when the new windshield was installed
(April, I think) the relay was replaced, too.