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Ok, I have a fairly simple question.  Why do I have to replace the
rotors every time I replace the pads ?  After 66,000 miles, the rear
breaks are still in good condition, both rotors and pads, while the
front brakes required new rotors and new pads twice.  I understand the
some weight shifting to the front when breaking, and break line
pressure adjustment to prevent rear break lock up, but I owned other
cars before (non-Audis) that were not as bad as this one.  My old cars
never required new rotors with new pads.  I thought until now that
rotors can be re-surfaced and voila.  Does my car has a problem or
does everybody out there experiences the same problem ?

Shifting gears, I know there was a discussions on tires for Quattros
but I don't recall the recommended ones.