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Front rotors and no dealers


On my previous story of the rotors being replaced every 30,000 miles,
I'd like to make the story complete.

The first set of rotors were replaced under warranty.  I complained
about modulation on the brake pedal when I applied the brakes, so they
suspected that the problem was warped rotors.

At 65,000 miles I took the car to Midas.  Front rotors are 0.702 and
0.695 and Audi claims they should be replaced if they are thinner than
0.728.  However, the quote from Midas was about $100 than the dealer,
and that is not using genuine parts.  Midas claim that Audi repairs
are more expensive because it's a high performance car, and the parts
are more expensive, and it's more complicated, and it's an expensive
car, etc. etc.  I think it's the standard BS of you have an expensive
car therefore you should be able to pay more for repairs.  This is the
third time I tried to take the car to an independent shop and I
always end up taking it back to the dealer because I get genuine parts
and it's less expensive.  What's the group experience with independent
mechanics ?

So I took the car to the dealer and it turns out that I didn't have to
replace the front rotors after all.

I apologize to the group for blaming the car for wearing its rotors
every 30,000 miles.

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