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Re: Audi 90 quattro and wheel alignment

dieter@mn.osf.org (Dieter Mayer) writes:
>I have a problem with my Audi 90 quattro. Ever since I drove my
>car up on the sidewalk (I think that is what it was), the car 
>does not drive in a straigth path.

If the front-end alignment does not solve the problem, then maybe
some part of the suspension is bent.  It is probably the lower
control arm (also called the A-arm or the "wishbone").

>My Audi 90 quattro is a '89 model with the Audi "Sportfahrwerk" ( I 
>don't know the english word) and 205/50 VR 15 wheels. 

If you are referring to the wheel with six spokes and faux studs
(to make it look like a modular racing wheel), they are called
"Speedline" wheels here in the US.


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