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RE: Audi 90 quattro and wheel alignment

I believe that "Sportfahrwerk" translates loosely to Sports suspension
package.  The literal translation would be "sport driving works".

I too believe that your problem would be in the suspension components,
probably the lower control arm or perhaps a bent sway bar.

What are the tire wear symptoms?  if it is treadwear on symmetric sides of
the tires perhaps we could deduce what is actually broken.

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Subject: Audi 90 quattro and wheel alignment
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I have a problem with my Audi 90 quattro. Ever since I drove my
car up on the sidewalk (I think that is what it was), the car 
does not drive in a straigth path. I took my car three times to 
the garage to have the wheels aligned. 
My Audi 90 quattro is a '89 model with the Audi "Sportfahrwerk" ( I 
don't know the english word) and 205/50 VR 15 wheels. 

any ideas ?




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