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Important admin note ...

I have been told that I will lose access to this machine as of December 1st.
While I am working on setting up another Usenet node, I have as of yet nothing

In any case, the Quattro list will no longer be on mims-iris after that date;
if I can get the other machin set up in time, I will simply transfer it to
that one.  Otherwise I'll be looking for volunteers to maintain it (I know,
the volume has been very high, but...).

obQuattro:  Anyone else seen pictures of Audi's new Avus Quattro show car?
It's simply stunning, a mid-engine 2-seater with a 6-litre W12 engine and
the sexiest bodywork I have seen in any supercar for years.

Of course, it's (1) not for real, at least not yet, and (2) if it ever goes
into production, it'll probably cost more than 10x my annual income.  Oh well...

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