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RE: Important admin note ...

Tom Haapanen writes:
>In any case, the Quattro list will no longer be on mims-iris after that date;
>if I can get the other machin set up in time, I will simply transfer it to
>that one.  Otherwise I'll be looking for volunteers to maintain it (I know,
>the volume has been very high, but...).

I wouldn't mind running the mailing list, but my machine is two modem
hops away from an Internet site, so it is not really acceptable.
I hope you can get a new node set up for it, or someone with direct
Internet connection please do so.  I'd hate to see the quattro list
die, despite the small volume.

>obQuattro:  Anyone else seen pictures of Audi's new Avus Quattro show car?
>It's simply stunning, a mid-engine 2-seater with a 6-litre W12 engine and
>the sexiest bodywork I have seen in any supercar for years.

No, where can one find a picture of it?  Technical details?


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