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Re: Tires for a Quattro

> I will be buying a new set of tires
> for my 4000 CS Quattro soon.  I'd like to improve the performance of
> the car by going to a 60 series tire.

My old '87 GT Coupe had 185/60-14 stock tires.
I believe you can use either this size or the
175/70-14 on the 14J x 6 rims (find this out
by looking at the "tire inflation" sticker).

I agree with Eliot, it's best (performance wise)
to have 2 sets of tires, for summer/winter. My stock 
tires were GoodYear Eagle NCT's, and I swapped them with 
Pirelli P190 snows in the winter (I live in Mass, and it 
can get pretty bad). 

If you do not want 2 sets, then I've heard a lot of good 
things about Michelin's new XGT-H4, thier H rated all seasons, 
which cost under $100 each (for the 185/60-14 size).
I also know Pirelli is having a special: buy 4 tires
and get a $100 savings bond. The P500 would be the best 
Pirelli all-season for your car, they cost about $70 each.

I have dealt with a mail order tire dealer, called
the Tire Rack (the above prices are from thier ad, your 
local dealer will be more $$$). 
They have the best prices, and give excellent advice. 
Call them at: 800-428-8355, or look in any Car and Driver
for thier multi-page ad.

Happy rubber burning

		- dave t.