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Disc Brake on Audi 5000s

My Audi is the 1985 5000s. Lately, it has a strange
problem. The front right wheel doesn`t rotate freely
if I spin it when the car is jacked-up and the
transmission is neutral. I checked the left wheel and
it does rotate freely. It seems that the right disc brake
got jammed somehow. This problem comes and goes. When
it comes. the car will shake if I drive above 60 mph
for a while. The shaking comes from the front wheel.
An abrupt braking seems to correct the problem temporarly.
Have anybody has the same experience? Can you tell me if
I have to replace the caliper? How much does it cost
if I bring this to an Audi delear? If any of you have
had an experience in fixing this problem, could you
tell me about it. I like to work on my car and I plan
to work on this problem this coming X-mas break.

Thanks in advance