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Re: Disc brakes on Audi 5000s

>From: Andreas Budi Dharmawan <dharma@rpi.edu>
>The front right wheel doesn`t rotate freely
>if I spin it when the car is jacked-up

When you mentioned that you can't turn one wheel when the car is on a
jack, are both front wheels off the ground?  Also, sometimes the brake
pad and "stick" to the rotor, like after a rain or car wash, and the
car was left to dry without being driven.  It may take a bit of force
(like actually driving the car) to free it up.

Maybe there's corrosion in the caliper piston, causing the brake pad
to maintain its pressure on the disc even after the brake pedal has been
released.  If this is the case, there should be severe heat generated
by driving it that way.  Has the car had its brake fluid purged and
replenished recently?  This should be done at least once per two years,
if not more often.  Try flushing the brake fluid, replenish with new
brake fluid (I recommend using only Castrol LMA DOT4) and bleeding the
system to purge it of all air.  Also, Remove each wheel and liberally
clean the brake parts with an aerosol brake parts cleaner.  Check the
brake pads and brake rotors for wear and glazing.  Replace if necessary.

The Audi front brake assembly is very easy to work on, and it is not
dissimilar to those found on water-cooled VWs.  Make sure you wear a
mask and not breath any brake dust!

You should purchase a copy of the Audi factory service manual (published
by Bentley).  It details the construction and service procedure for
virtually everything on the car.  It is not a cheap book, but it will
be an investment well spent if you service your car yourself.


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