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W12 for Audi?

I caught a peek of the next generation Audi "V8" in a german magazine.
unfortunately, I don't understand german, so there's not much stuff
to report with the exception of the pictures...

there was a cut-away drawing of a W12 engine (yes W, not a V)
alongside pictures of the interior and exterior.  the exterior does
not look remarkable, rather like the hideous mazda 929, the interior
is pretty good but also nothing special.  the intrument cluster is
lifted directly from the current V8. but i was completely surprised by
the W12 engine.. (sorry, can't remember any numbers on it).  the way
the pictures were presented, it was pretty clear that the car featured
had that engine and it was not some prototype engine that they are
thinking of building.

the european press is usually on its toes regarding rumors etc, but
this one was a complete surprise.. looks like audi is really determined
to go after benz and bmw, with something different yet again.

do we have any german netters on this list?  i'm hungry for more