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Re: Audi S4

> Hopefully Audi will someday offer this engine in the
> Coupe to create a worthy torch carryer for the original Quattro Turbo
> Coupe. The S4 *IS* coming to the USA at $47,750 US. Look out Porsche!

I'm even more excited by the S3 (same engine, but in the 80).  That
will surely blow BMW M3s into the weeds.  The wagon S4 is also pretty
interesting.. give those volvos something to think about.

I'm sure you've heard about the S2, which is the new coupe with a
slightly less powerful 20V turbo (217 bhp SAE, 220 bhp DIN).  The S2
has been around for a while, I guess they aren't bringing it in to the

two things that autoweek didn't mention: the dreaded servotronic power
steering as well as the fact that the 20V turbos have an unheard of
9.3:1 compression ratio which is the big factor in its lag free
response.  i tried the new 100 with the servotronic steering and it is
as unnerving as a honda :-(

but, boy, after seeing the spyder and avus, porsche had better
do something fast or go under... and the nsx really starts to
look mediocre in comparison..