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Re: To get/not to get: Audi 90 Quattro

> Hi, 
> Yesterday I test drove a 1988 Audi 90 Quattro(four door) and I
> have a few questions. I would be interested in any of your 
> comments/experiences (I currently own a 85 Coupe GT).

> The car had 110k km, leather interior, lots of chip damage to the front,
> cracked headlight and a leaking/rusty A/C condenser.

> The test drive was ok, the ABS worked fine and the engine revved
> freely. When exceeding 100km/h it was quite noisy (engine/wind noise)
> and it seemed to vibrate slightly (but not in the steering 
> wheel) it had winter tires. The suspension was worn, with excessive dive
> and sway also made a clunking sound when abruptly pressing and quickly
> releasing the gas pedal(worn struts??). Could the vibration be caused by the 
> suspension? I hear its quite expensive to change the shocks on these four
> wheel drive cars. How much?

> He was asking 13,000 CAD(inc. tax), is this a fair price?

> Appreciate any comments.

> Stamos Stamos
> Montreal,
> Canada

My understanding of the current Quattro suspension systems is that the
rear is basically a copy of the front; therefore it should not be anymore
difficult or expensive than changing struts at all four corners.  There
are many conventional cars with this type of system, so if a shop wants
to charge significantly more because "it's a quattro", they're trying to
overcharge you.  BTW, the best price I found for Bilsteins was from RD
Enterprises in San Diego.  They have an ad in R&T.  Info available upon

In the US, resale value of the 80/90's are significantly lower than they
deserve to be  :-(   (I have a basic 80).  The asking price is hovering 
around the asking prices I've seen in the SF bay area, which typically 
has a reputation for having higher prices than the US at large , although
the cars are probably in better condition (the mild climate, yuppie owners
who get their cars serviced regularly, more conscientious owners, etc. etc.).
Therefore, this comparison may not apply in Canada.  Does Audi still
remain in excellent standing there, as in Europe?

A car with the problems you mentioned would leave lots of room for negotiation
in this area.  On the bright side, even the asking price is reasonable if
you compare it with the (lesser) 4-door sedans from other makes you could
by for that price.