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To get/not to get: Audi 90 Quattro

Yesterday I test drove a 1988 Audi 90 Quattro(four door) and I
have a few questions. I would be interested in any of your 
comments/experiences (I currently own a 85 Coupe GT).

The car had 110k km, leather interior, lots of chip damage to the front,
cracked headlight and a leaking/rusty A/C condenser.

The test drive was ok, the ABS worked fine and the engine revved
freely. When exceeding 100km/h it was quite noisy (engine/wind noise)
and it seemed to vibrate slightly (but not in the steering 
wheel) it had winter tires. The suspension was worn, with excessive dive
and sway also made a clunking sound when abruptly pressing and quickly
releasing the gas pedal(worn struts??). Could the vibration be caused by the worn
suspension? I hear its quite expensive to change the shocks on these four
wheel drive cars. How much?

The engine looked like a modern version of my 85 coupe engine.
It seemed to have less torque than my car, but would rev higher/cleaner.
Is there any difference in the two engines? Does it make more power?

He was asking 13,000 CAD(inc. tax), is this a fair price?

Appreciate any comments.

Stamos Stamos

Ps. If anybody has archived the messages posted on the Quattro list
    would he please send me a copy.