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Re: To get/not to get: Audi 90 Quattro

David Tahajian wrote:
> Sounds like when the warrenty ran out (3year / 50K mi [80k KM]), 
> this person decided to "let it run to the ground and sell"
> instead of getting things fixed. 

Sound about right.

>> He was asking 13,000 CAD(inc. tax), is this a fair price?

> That's $11,000 US, correct?
> That's a fair price IF the car was in GOOD condition.
> A new 1992 90 Q w/leather goes for approx $25,000 US
> (give or take). Over 3-4 years, the car should be about
> 40-50% of it's original value, so the seller is in the ball park.

The currency conversion is right, but car prices are higher in Canada.  The
new 1993 90 Quattro (base) is supposed to list for $33K here; the 1992 with
leather and sunroof etc. is probably selling for $35-36K right now.  So
the car is actually at about 35% of the price of a new one.  (And that
doesn't even include the 7% GST that you pay on a new car, but not on a 
used one.)

As a side note, 1986 4000 Quattros can be had for around $6K...


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