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used Quattro

Personally, based on your descriptions of the behavior I suspect it suffers
from several problems, one of which *may* be severe enough to walk away.

1.   You note suspension problems (wobble not in steering).  This may just
     be shocks/struts ($ but not serious) or it may be something worse.

2.   You noted a "clunking" when getting on/off the gas.  This, in a quattro,
     is indicative of potential slop in the transmission/torsen/drive train
     and could be $$ to fix.  This is a MAJOR area of concern in my opinion,
     as it's in an area that is expensive to fix.

I would recommend the following course of action:

1.   Deduct the cost of "real" tires/alignment right off, resulting in
     adjusted price, since this is almost certainly the source of 90% of
     the noise you report hearing.

2.   Tell the seller you will then buy at the the new $X *after* deducting
     the cost, as identified by a qualified Audi dealer, of the following
     potential repairs:

     A.   Drive train fixes if needed. ($D)
     B.   Suspension fixes (struts and/or shocks). ($S)
     C.   Cost of dealer evaluation ($E)

3.   If he is really interested in selling the car, then he should be willing
     to fairly evaluate the cost of necessary repairs.  However, if is is
     able/willing to provide maintenance records to *prove* (can this
     *really be done?) that it doesn't need $D or $S, then you should
     probably be willing to eat the $E.

4.   Other's comments about the 130HP 5 hp vs. torque are probably correct.

     Overall, I would be real careful with this.  If it's a quality car, then
     the owner will not hesitate to have it checked out.  In fact, you should
     also be willing to pay the $E if it comes up with a clean bill of health
     on the transmission/torsen/drive train and the shocks/struts.

     If he isn't willing, let someone else buy it, it had probably had major
     problems and/or been in an accident.

After all that is said, Quattro's are *great* cars, especially for those
prone to driving in inclement weather.  But a 90 should be QUIET!...