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temperature guage

It sounds to me like you have a bad thermostat.  I've had this exact symptom
in 3 other cars over the years, and each time it was NOT the guage.

I would have your thermostat checked ASAP, as this back and forth temperature
fluctuation is not particularly good for your engine.  Basically, what I am
presuming is happening is the thermostat is stuck open at first, cooling the
engine too much.  Eventually, it closes, then engine heats up and then it
stays closed for too long (causing the engine to be slightly too warm), then
the cycle repeats.

Thermostats typically have a hysterysis built in, but yours is too long.  I'd
betcha this is your problem, though it *might* be the guage.

Let us know what it is



91 Audi 80
90 Audi Coupe' Quattro