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Re: Temperature gauge problem

>IN%"dharma@rpi.edu"  "Andreas Budi Dharmawan" writes:

>I had a problem with the temperature gauge one time.
>In my case, only the temperature sensor was broken.
>I ordered a used part from Shokan Audi Warehouse in
>NY for $25.00. I took me less than 10 minutes to
>replace the sensor. If you see the upper radiator
>hose that goes to the engine, you will find
>the temperature sensor located at the hose end.

My temperature sensor has been bad for a while also. At first,
it was intermittant as someone else described, then one day it
went totally and caused the gauge to peg on the HOT side.
I disconnected the wire connector from the sensor and now the
gauge stays on COLD all of the time. On my car, an 84 5000S
turbo, the sensor is mounted on the underside of the fitting
to which the upper coolant hose connects to. The manual shows
that the turbo models have a 4-wire sensor (with some actual
semiconductors inside) while some other models only have a
passive 2-wire sensor.
I'm calling Shokan sometime soon to order one of these because
my upper oil pressure sensor also just bit the dust. It's time
to kill two birds with one stone and save on the COD charges a
a little.
Also, I'm curious what experiences other people have had with
Shokan... I've been satisfied with them in every case except one,
when they shipped me a already fried Idle stabilizer control
module. I would have thought these guys would check this part
over a little better, because it often caused excessive idle
speeds when it failed, and in my mind was probably one of the
primary culprits of "unintended acceleration". Granted, the unit
they shipped me didn't short out and cause excessive idle speed,
in fact, upon inspecting it, I found it was totally open and was
of no value whatsoever.. The same effect as disconnecting the
idle stabilizer valve wiring completely.    

...Greg Granville