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Re: Higher idle (And other stuff...)

I wrote:
		The car has 6 speakers, 2x5.25" bass and 2x2" tweeters in the rear,
		and 2x3.5" "general purpose" in the front dash. Naturally, the front
		speakers are no match for the rear's combination.  Since there will
		not be much of a difference in replacing the 3.5" speakers, the only
		thing you could do is install 2 bigger speakers (in the front doors),
		or replace the entire system.  While I'm not an audio fanactic, I'm
		happy with the system.
David I. Dalva responds: 

	I also have a '91 Coupe Quattro, and I find that the stereo sound in this car
	is terrible, compared to my old '88 Audi 80.  The radio unit is the same, as
	are the sizes of the front speakers.  It appears the lossage is attributable
	to the rear speakers.  I plan on replacing them at some point in the near
	future with some really hot ones.
That's funny! I found the system to be much *better* than the one
in my old 1987 Audi GT. I guess my perception is based on what
I had before!

When I said "the only thing you can do", I was talking about improving
the sound in the front only. Sure, replacing the rear speakers (or anything 
else) is another option to improve the overall system. In fact, I'm 
very interested in what you replace them with. Please let us know and 
tell us the kind of improvement you find. Thanks.

	- dave t.