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Re: Higher idle (And other stuff...)

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>From eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu Fri May  1 19:29:50 1992
From: Eliot Lim <eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu>
Subject: Re: Higher idle (And other stuff...)
To: David.Tahajian@East  (David Tahajian - Sun BOS Software)
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> ramesh@guru.b17a.ingr.com (V. Ramesh Sharma) writes:
>     My 1990 Coupe Quattro (16500 miles) also idles at 1000rpm, and I
>     thought that was normal! I would be interested to hear if it isn't the
>     case. 

I think the owner's manual and a sticker in the engine compartment would
tell you what the proper idle is.  I don't know exactly what it would be
for the 20V 5, but I think 1K sounds a little high.

>     Handling is quite good. I wish I could say it is great, but - damn!- 
>     I wish I hadn't test driven that Corrado SLC :-) 

I'd say that the koop has good grip but its handling is actually quite 
sloppy.  one of audi's less successful creations if i may say so.

> I haven't tried the SLC yet, but I hear it's a faster, due to less weight
>(and that extra cylinder helps too! ). How would you compare it to the Coupe? 

If I had the $$$ to buy the Coupe, I think I would buy the SLC and save
the change.  In the case of the Coupe, I don't think that the quattro
drive train is enough of an asset to win me over the SLC.  This is not
a flame on the Coupe.  It is more like heapings of praise for the SLC.

> BTW, even if the SLC was a bit "better", I wouldn't trade my quattro for 
> any FWD in the rain & snow :-) 

That's an undisputable advantage, yes.     

> Audi's seem to burn more oil than others in general.

I think that VW/Audi 4 valve engines seem to burn more oil than
others, especially those that were not properly broken in. (CAR
magazine alluded to that too) my V8 consumes some oil (one quart every
3000 miles) even though I fanatically followed the break in
instructions and got a mint car with less than 70 miles.  the 2 valve
engines are very good about oil.  my old 4000q never consumed any,
neither did my old scirocco or the fox that we have now.

>     1) When the Automatic Climate Control is turned on, (especially in
>        this hot weather), the engine noticeably gets rougher, and some
>        vibrations get transmitted through the pedals. Is that reasonable? 

it's the idle speed dropping, probably as a result of the a/c
compressor kicking in.  does it vibrate if you select "econ"? (i.e. no
a/c) i wouldn't worry about it.

> Well, the engine does lose some power under the "auto" setting as the A/C 
> comes on, but I've never had any "vibration".

my 4000q had some tingles when the a/c was on...

>     4) The front windshield washer fluid ran out, and I refilled it, and
>        now the windshield washer does not spray! Sigh...
Use a pin and prick the hole to clear up the blockage

>	 Also, the
>        headlight washer sprays on the hood.

the same pin can be used to adjust the washer nozzles.  i do this
myself all the time.

> This is a BUG! The dealer has a special tool to fix the headlight washer
> sprays, tell them to do so.

hmmmm.  have you tried using a pin?


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