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Audiwatch Update (Tm)

Forwarded from rec.autos without permission,
original by Glen Powell (who is also on this alias).

	- dave t.

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AudiWatch Update (Tm) 4-30-92


Audi's V12 sedan
Company officials told us Audi will enter the super-sedan market in
1994 with a car, codenamed D2, to compete with BMW's 750iL and the
Mercedes 600SEL. D2 is an all-aluminum, all-wheel-drive, V12 sedan
that's "an extension of our currect V8, but the D2 goes well
beyond today's car."

_Autoweek_ April 27 1992

VW Still Top

Europe's best-selling automobile in 1991 was again VW's Golf/Jetta, and
for the seventh straight year the VW-Audi Group achieved the most
overall sales. VAG increased its share from 15.3 to 16.0 percent.....

We hear.....

Doing nothing to dispel the legend that 911s are tricky at the limit,
Porsche boss Arno Bohn crashed one at the company's Weissach test track.
He suffered only minor injurues, but the same could not be said of the car.

Bohn fared better in his quest to keep his job. A unanimous vote of
confidence by the Porsche board ended speculation that Bohn would be
replaced, perhaps by BMW board member and engineering whiz Wolfgang
Reitzel. That also means that Bohn's desired entry-level Porsche will
go off as palnned, perhaps in both hardtop and convertible versions.

_European Car_ May 1992


Ferdinand Piech, currently Audi AG chairman, has been nominated to the
chairmanship at Volkswagen AG. A final approval was expected at a
management board meeting on April 10. Piech will replace current VW
chairman Carl Hahn.

_Autoweek_ April 13, 1992