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Re: Suspension Upgrade on Audi 80

> > >My complaint is that the ride is much harsher than in the past.>   It now
> > >has a boy-racer feel to it that I graduated from years ago.  
> > Well, you can't have the cake and eat it too, can you?  Your newfound
> > handling performance came at a cost -- loss of ride comfort.  There is
> > really no magic to this.  
> I beg to differ.  There was a significant change in ride comfort from my
> two setups, and I'm sure I can find a happy medium point. Fortunately, Audi
> dialed in lots of ride comfort from which a little can be sacrificed in the name
> of improved handling.  As stated earlier, a similar setup I had with progressive
> springs/Bilsteins improved the handling AND ride of my old Rabbit.  A
> Bilstein upgrade on a 2002 had the same effect.  I do agree with you-my
> problem was most likely selecting too stiff of a damper.  I'll most likely
> keep the progressive springs and either adjustable Konis per net recommendation
> or to Boges.   Anyone want to try a set of front Bilstein sports for an 
> Audi 80?

I had adjustable Koni on my old scirocco (83) and I loved them. The car 
would not dive and squat as much and the corning was improved. As far
as I could tell it did not have much of side effect on ride quality.  The 
shock was set at the normal setting.

On the other hand I had bilsteins on my 2002.  The handling was great but
the ride quality was extremely harsh & choppy.  I think part of that is due
to the car being too light for the shocks and the narrowness of the car.  Within couple of months I switched to Boges (sp?).  I find the handling 

My recommendation would be to switch with adjustable konis.  If you do, please
let me of your impression as I am contemplating the same upgrade for my 
newly acquired 90.

Good luck,