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Re: Suspension Upgrade on Audi 80

> I have an Audi 4000 and have Eibach progressive rate springs, Koni shocks,
> Suspension Techniques rear anti-roll bar, Audi turbo quattro coupe
> front anti-roll bar, and custom fabricated front upper strut stress
> bar.  The wheels are Ronal R8 15x6 wearing Fulda Y2000 205/50VR15s.

Sounds like a recipe for fun!  It's been difficult to locate antiroll
bars for the car-the only thing available was an Eibach front (25mm?)
bar.  ST listed them but wasn't producing them.  Where did you get the
stress bar, and was it worth the expense?

> >the need for better bolstering on the stock seats.  I am sliding more
> >because the car is pulling harder at turns. 

> Yeah, and this is the reason why I bought a set of factory sport seats
> (from a 4000S quattro) to replace the original seats in my car.  The
> additional bolsters are most needed with the vastly increased handling.

Great idea, hadn't thought of that.  However, I do like the matching upholstery
on the stock seats.  It won't be as easy to match as the solid pattern
you probably have. The stock seat is also one of the most comfortable I've
ever had-including Recaros. I think I've just talked myself into saving some

> >My complaint is that the ride is much harsher than in the past.>   It now
> >has a boy-racer feel to it that I graduated from years ago.  

> Well, you can't have the cake and eat it too, can you?  Your newfound
> handling performance came at a cost -- loss of ride comfort.  There is
> really no magic to this.  

I beg to differ.  There was a significant change in ride comfort from my
two setups, and I'm sure I can find a happy medium point. Fortunately, Audi
dialed in lots of ride comfort from which a little can be sacrificed in the name
of improved handling.  As stated earlier, a similar setup I had with progressive
springs/Bilsteins improved the handling AND ride of my old Rabbit.  A
Bilstein upgrade on a 2002 had the same effect.  I do agree with you-my
problem was most likely selecting too stiff of a damper.  I'll most likely
keep the progressive springs and either adjustable Konis per net recommendation
or to Boges.   Anyone want to try a set of front Bilstein sports for an 
Audi 80?