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audi sales

>   The 45 thousand dollar Audi S4 at the dealer's here has been sold.
>   For full sticker less than 2 weeks after it arrived.  There will
>   not be another S4 destined for this dealership till next year,
>   unless they buy it off another dealer.  Audi will only import 250
>   S4s for 1992 and 500 for 1993.  The guy that bought the S4 is a
>   professional interior decorator or some such.  His previous car?
>   5000TQ.

The shortage of S4s is real here too.  I was looking for one. I
visited two dealers and they are sold out of S4s.  Only 250 S4s will
be made for US market.  So I ended buying a leftover 1991 Audi 200
Quattro which I like very much.  They sold it to me for $31,000 with
$4,000 miles on it.  Is that a good deal ?  It sounded good to me,
given the original retail price.  

I have not heard a bad review on the 200 Quattro, so I guess all
reviewers agree that the 200 Quattro is a really
good car.  It drives really nice: quick, very sweet engine, excellent
handling, and it has all kind of luxo equipment (voice activated
cellular phone, compact disc changer, heated seats, etc.).  But 
I am most impressed by the engine.  It does not hesitate at all at any
speed, and if in first gear, it plunges the tach to over 7000 rpms
without remorse and to my surprise (time to up-shift).  I'm still
getting used to the car, but I like the way it drives.

The breakes have a problem right now: they shake the steering really
bad ... :-(  I guess that's the sign of warped discs which tells me
the car was driven hard before (or downhill all the time).  My guess
is that this car still has the old 200Q breaks, not the V8 breaks that
were installed after Audi discovered that the original 200Q breaks
were poorly designed.

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