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audi sales

The 45 thousand dollar Audi S4 at the dealer's here has been sold.
For full sticker less than 2 weeks after it arrived.  There will not
be another S4 destined for this dealership till next year, unless they
buy it off another dealer.  Audi will only import 250 S4s for 1992 and
500 for 1993.  The guy that bought the S4 is a professional interior
decorator or some such.  His previous car?  5000TQ.

A 100 quattro wagon came to the dealers.  It was sold less than 2
hours after it made it to the showroom floor.  Again with zero
discount.  Vanilla 100's have also been doing very well here, so has
VR6s Corrados.  7 were sold last month just at this one dealer.

I guess there's hope for Audiphiles in the US after all...