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5000 questions

Ti responds:

*Zafer Mehmood writes:
*>1. Is Bentley the best shop manual for the Audi or should I supplement it
*>with any other?
*The Bentley manual is the best source of tech information on your Audi,
*bar none.  The only thing better is someone who knows the car hands-on.

Agreed. The Bentley manual is best and is the factory Audi manual.
You might also want to get the Bosch manuals specific to your version
of fool congestion.

*>2. I plan to change the oil and filter every 3000 miles and use Mobil 1
*>synthetic oil 15W-50.
*If you use Mobil-1 then you shouldn't have to change the oil so
*frequently.  It's not a bad idea to replace the filters every 3K to
*5K miles, but you can just top up the Mobil-1 and completely replace
*the oil every other filter change.

Agreed, 3k seems a little excessive with Mobil 1. I would (do) just use
high quality petroleum oil and change it every 2-3k if you want to use
very frequent drain intervals. I change every 2k and use Pennzoil or
Valvoline or Castrol if I con't find the others in the correct viscosity
for present conditions.

*>I live in New Jersey and the viscosity seems right
*>for the weather here (I consulted the Audi owner's manual). Is it necessary
*>to use the Audi oil filter?
*The Audi turbo engine has a different main oil filter than the non-turbo
*versions.  I would strongly recommend using the factory filter here.
*The turbo engine also has a separate oil filter for the turbocharger
*oiling system (located next to the main oil filter).  This filter should
*also be replaced when you replace the main filter.  The bad news is that
*the turbo oil filter is quite expensive (around $25 from the dealer).
*The OEM of the Audi turbo filters is Purolator, but I have not seen the
*exact replacement from aftermarket sources.  Although Fram lists the
*same model for both turbo and non-turbo Audis, I would not use a Fram
*filter on an Audi turbo engine.

I run 10W30 in winter, 20W50 spring and fall and straight 40W in the heat
of the summer. As soon as I get my oil pressure sending unit hooked up
I plan to try using lower viscosity lubricants as an experiment.
On oil filters, if you are changing the oil every 2-3k I really don't
see the need to use the high $$$ factory filters. I have had great
success with the much maligned Fram filters for both the engine oil
and the turbo. No problems (yet :) at 161,000 miles and still running
strong. The lower cost of the Fram filters helps to justify (IMFO)
cost-wise the more frequent oil changes I perform.

*Non-turbo Audis use the same oil filter as the water-cooled VWs,
*which are made by Mann.  You can get the Mann version from aftermarket
*outlets for around $4 a piece, compared to the $7 that Audi dealers
*charge for the factory version.  Either way, the quality is much,
*much superior to the other brands (such as Fram).
*In my opinion, the difference in quality between the factory (or OEM)
*oil filters and the aftermarket ones is great enough to be worth the
*few extra bucks, especially so since the oiling system is vital
*to the well-being of the engine.

Perhaps I'm all wet here, but, the Frams have worked well for me with
frequent drain intervals.....

*>3. In a similar vein, for which replacement components should I stick to
*>genuine Audi OEM parts versus substituting with good aftermarket ones?
*Air filter:
	*Aftermarket units (like Fram) are just fine.  If you are
	*fanatic about air filters, then you can go with the K&N ones
	*that have a clean-able element.  The K&N is supposed to allow
	*more air flow but I doubt the different is noticeable (or
	*even measurable).

K&N claims dyno-proven HP increases, small but real none the less.
I've had good luck with my K&Ns.

*PCV valve:
	*I'm not sure if your car even has one of these.  Even if it
	*does, I doubt that it's going to require replacement in the
	*near future.

You got me on this one, but, I don't think it has one either.....

*Brake pads:
	*The factory pads are notorious for squealing and leaving
	*a lot of grime on your wheels.  When it's time to replace
	*the brake pads go with a set of Repco MetalMasters.  The
	*Repcos brake better, has less fade when hot, don't squeal,
	*and keeps your wheels much cleaner.

Agreed, the Repcos are excellent.

*Wiper blades:
	*Use genuine Bosch replacement inserts.  They last longer
	*than the other stuff.  You can get them for a decent price
	*from non-dealer sources.
*Spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor:
	*Definitely go with genuine Bosch parts here.  There is no
	*reasonable substitute!  Again, make sure you get the exact
	*replacements!  Non-Audi dealer Bosch sources are best for
	*lower price.

Yep, use Bosch, they are the OEM parts. The tri-electrode plugs are excellent.

*>4. Is it necessary to change the oil drain plug gasket each time, as the
*>owner's manual recommends? 
*Yes if you don't want to have to over-tighten the drain plug and
*you don't want a leak.

I always wondered about this one. I have never replaced it and still no
problems (just lucky?) even after 60-80 oil changes over the past 161k miles.

*>5. One thing I find unusual about my Audi (compared to other cars) is the
*>noise level in the car while its being driven. There is a rumbling noise
*>that comes at all speeds.
*The dealer diagnosis is probably right: worn wheel bearings.  The
*quattro drive system should not emit any discernable additional noise.
*I guess tire noise is also a possibility.

Yep, wheelbearing(s). Common failure mode on Quattros.

*>6. A hissing noise can be heard coming from under the car when it idles.
*>The dealer said its from the fuel pump and is normal. Do you agree?
*Yes.  It's just your faithful Bosch electric fuel pump whirring away.

Yep, be sure to replace it if it starts making "grumbling" noises or
if the noise changes substantially or gets a lot louder. Fuel pump
failure can wipe out expensive fool congestion components.   :(

*Enjoy a fine car...  Happy motoring.

Congratulations and enjoy!

ps What is the correct email address for the quattro mail group,
quattro@mims-iris.waterloo.edo     -or-
quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM           ?