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Please add me to the list

Hello, QuattroPhiles -

I'd like to be added to the list, having just traded my 1989 Ford
Taurus SHO for a 1992 100CS Quattro.  This is actually my second
visit to QuattroLand.  I drove a 1985 4000S Quattro pretty much to
death a couple of years ago before trading it in on the SHO.

My new car is pearlescent white with ecru leather.  I have already
ordered a new set of wheels and tires for it.  I find it somewhat
scandelous that the car comes so under-tired (195/65-15 Eagle GAs)
so a set of 16x7 BBS forged alloys shod with 205/55-16 BFGoodrich
Comp T/A VR4s is on its way from the Tire Rack.

I also drive a 1990 Mazda Miata, modified to the limits of SCCA's
Solo II stock classification rules.  I compete in both the Chicago
Region and the TriState Sports Car Council championship series.

Looking forward to sharing Quattro-related information and stories
with the rest of you...


Steve Bruun
AT&T Bell Labs
Naperville, IL
...!att!ihlpe!sebruun or sebruun@ihlpe.att.com