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Re: Tuneup costs

I am in the process of purchasing (I think!) a '90 V8 Quattro. Will know
later today if it's a 'done deal' as we are still awaiting confirmation from
an Audi zone rep that the front brake upgrade will be done.

The doubt exists because the original owner had the job scheduled in Jan
and then was a no-show. He subsequently traded the car on an M-B.

Since I was aware of the brake issue, I took the car to an Audi dealer for the
pre-purchase inspection. In addition, they found a leaking l/rear shock which
was suggested should only be replaced as a pair (quoted $847 !!!), and a
l/front window motor starting to show the first signs of failure (quoted $381).
(This is real subtle as I can't detect a problem on my own.) The seller is
willing to cover the last two items but wants to call the deal off (feeling is
mutual) if Audi won't cover the brakes. I guess he figures he can find another
buyer who might not be as thorough with an inspection. 

I am a little puzzled though about the suggestion of a timing belt replacement
at the 60K service. The maintenance schedule I've seen has this as a 60K
tension check and a 90K replacement, and then only if certain tolerances are
measured out of range. Is this not so? 

Eliot, is the dealer suggesting that the 'typical' 60K service run ~$3K?

John Rodenhiser
Landover, MD