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maintenance schedule

Does anyone have the maintenance schedule for an 1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro?
I bought my car used and the maintenance schedule didn't come with it.
I have the owner's manual and the 2 volume Bentley's shop manual. But
none of them cover the regular maintenance intervals (for things like
oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plug changes, timing belt replacement, etc).
The local Audi dealer parts dept claims that the maintenance schedule for
1987 is no longer available and he cannot order it. So, if someone has
the maintenance schedule for the 2.2 liter turbo quattro (even from a different
year), can I get a copy? (electronic/fax/paper mail). The owner's and shop
manual cover lubrication and tune-up specs - but they are lacking the
intervals (mileage/time).

I'd greatly appreciate any help on this. Having recently bought the car,
I'd hate to miss a required maintenance item due to ignorance.
Thanks in advance.


Zafer Mehmood
AT&T Bell Laboratories,
Murray Hill, NJ