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some questions


I own a 1991 Coupe Quattro (15K miles, getting stronger
and improving mpg) in Bedford MA.

I have a few questions I hope people can help with:

1. The owners manual recommends a max RPM of 6300, yet the
   redline on the tach starts at 7000. The engine seems
   very willing to spin past 6300, so what do people really
   use as max RPM? What with the engine being a little
   peaky, it would be nice to have a few hundred extra
   revs to play with :-)

2. This car has the nice 7" alloy wheels, and I'm looking
   for something to clean them with. I have a bottle of a
   product called P21S Wheel Cleaner (it's German and claims
   to be approved for all alloy wheels on the 4 major
   German manufacturers' cars). Also claims to be nonacidic
   and nonalkaline. Does anybody have any experience with
   this? Any other recommended wheel cleaners?

3. Although the leather seats are verrry nice, I tend to
   sweat a lot (in summer, or after a game of rugby) and
   they are not so good then. Also I don't want to stain
   them. So, does anybody know of a source of fabric seat
   covers for the front seats?

4. I am thinking of getting some narrower wheels and M+S
   tyres for the upcoming winter. I'm not looking to plough
   through heavy snow, just to better handle a couple of 
   inches of snow and slush (the 205s felt a bit floaty last
   winter). Any recommendations on wheel and tyre sizes and


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