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No Subject

This is the second attempt to post my request to the quattro.
(Previous mail bounced for reasons I do not understand.)
From: Postmaster@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU
Subject:  Undeliverable Mail
To: <alexei@wri.com>
Comment:  Bad address -- <jmm2948>
Comment:  	%MAIL-E-USERDSABL, user JMM2948 cannot receive new  

Start of returned message

  Received: from Sun.COM by ZEUS.TAMU.EDU with SMTP; 

            Sat, 25 Jul 1992 9:13:29 -0500 (CDT)
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  	id AA10955; Sat, 25 Jul 92 07:13:24 PDT
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    (5.65c/IDA-1.4.4 for <quattro@aries.east.sun.com>); Sat, 25 Jul  
1992 09:12:02 -0500
  Date: Sat, 25 Jul 92 09:11:09 CDT
  From: alexei@wri.com
  Message-Id: <9207251411.AA03366@levella.wri.com>
  Received: by NeXT Mailer (1.63)
  To: alexei@wri.com
  Cc: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM


  I have a slight problem on my '87  Audi 4000S .

  The "oil warning" light occasionally  comes on for short intervals.
  It beeps sharply.

  It does not happen today on the cold eigine.
  An older and seemingly experienced gent on the gas station said
  my oil level and color was OK.
  Listening to the engine he said he did not believe there was a
  trouble with my  oil pump.
  His guess was that sending unit was messed up.

  What do people think out there:
  what are the tokens of major troubles with the oil system ?
  How do I locate the sending unit and check it ? etc.


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