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Re: 1991 Coupe Quattro shift noise

>I have a '91 Coupe Quattro.  I experience a crackling noise when I depress
>the clutch to shift if the engine is above 3000 rpm or so.  The Audi mechanic
>said that this is a normal function of the exhaust system, where some of the
>air is "backwashed".
I can't speak for that model car, but a lot of cars with hi performance
exhaust systems will do that. Did you ever hear a high revving small
block american V-8 with glass packs. The noise (crackle) is usually
heard when one down shitfs and usually not with the stock exhaust. If
the exhaust system leak, this could be responsible.

I have an Audi 4000S '87. It's exhaust seems throaty. No crackle.

Jonathan Swaby

>Have others also experienced this, and if so, is it normal (it's pretty