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Audi Steering Oil

I like to ask people out there whether the steering oil uses a special oil.
Recently I used Prestone steering oil.  But after awhile I noticed that my
pressure accumulator was leaking.  I don't know whether this has something 
to do with the Audi oil having a higher viscosity or that the accumulator
(or its O-rings) are out.  Does someone out there ever tried using a generic
steering oil without any side effects?

On another note, my Audi 5000S ('85) seem to drag through when I am going 
around 60 mph.  The transmisssion seemed to word pretty hard.  Someone 
had adjusted the throttle linkage to reduce my rough idle when cold starting.
I think the cold start sensor is out or the warm-up valve thermoswitch is goodbye.  Is this type of car know to blow these type of components?

Thanks in advance for all the help.