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Audi Steering Oil Update

Thanks for everyone who replied to the steering oil leaks. ( I particularly
like to thank Greg for ALL the useful info. he gave.)

So after I found out that I need to use mineral oil, I wanted to blead the 
system immediately to prevent the seals form going to the grave.  The next
day, I went to a foreign auto parts store and picked up two liter of MINERAL
steering oil (a German brand).  I told the guy there about my situation and
he seemed very knowledgeable.  He told me the best I can probably do is to 
prevent the deterioration of the seals.  He also suggested that I used an
alcohol based stop-leak chemical that was in the store.  The alcolhol will
expand the seals and evaporates within 24 hours.  I decided to just use the
MINERAL oil and see what will happen.

To bleed the system, I disconnected the return hoses from the steering oil
reservoir.  I let the hose hang loose and let the engin run to pump out the
remaining oil in the steering pump.  After making sure that I had drained all
the oil, I connected all the hoses back to the reservoir.  

Since I did not have a jack, I was lazy and didn't raise up the car.  I just 
added oil to top of the reservoir.  These actions, in rectrospect were pretty
stupid on my part.  After starting the engine the oil seeped through the 
the cap because of the pressure.  I tried to steer the car but it was pretty 
hard.  It dawned on me that I might screw up the steering valve components.
So I raised up the car and steer the wheels lock to lock.  I added more fluid.

When I lowered the car, the steering was pretty hard.  I seemed like the pressure
was out.  "Great, I did it this time" I said to myself.  The brake was not having pressure too, so I had to use the handbrake.  After a drive around the block, I did not have any luck.  Then when I was to giveup, I had to turn the wheel 
kinda hard to get out of the parking stall.  Something clicked and I had full
power steering.  The a few minutes later the power brake returned. Whew!

I'll have to see if the new MINERAL oil will have any improvement.  

Thanks all,

P.S.  Greg, were you talking about the idle stabilizer or the relay?  I looked
up in the wiring diagram and there is a frequency walve relay associated with 
the car horn.  My horn is out, so this is a good candidate.