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Audi fuel pump?

My 85 Audi Coupe GT (same engine as the 5000) doesn't start
any more.

My girl friend has been using it for a while.  The symptoms
she reported are:  Driving along and suddenly black smoke
is coming from the exhaust and the drivability is bad, also
said there was a clicking sound coming from the rear of the
car(fuel pump?).  Haven't had much time to look at it but
it doesn't start. The engine cranks over fine, touched the
fuel pump and that felt like it was turning(no noise).

I haven't had time to check the ignition system but this
seems like a fuel problem to me.  How can I verify my
diagnosis? Should I remove an injector an try and start the
engine to see if any fuel comes out? Is there a better way?
>From the black smoke I assume it was running way too rich.

Some time ago I remember someones article saying that if
your fuel pump is making funny noises change it right away
as it could fail and distroy other components of the fuel
system.  Which  are these other 'components' of the fuel
system. What do they look like and where are they located?
How should I check them to be sure they are broken?

To summarise: do people agree that its the fuel pump and these
              'other components' that are broken?

Any and all help would be much appreciated.