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Re: Audi fuel pump??

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>Subject: Re: Audi fuel pump??
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>First cut:
>Black smoke => too much fuel => fuel pump is delivering 

I was talking to guy here who drives a VW, he says that in his
manual it says that if the fuel pump fails it causes an over 
rich condition(in bose systems). Could this be so???

>check for a stuck-open injector or a broken or loosened 
>fitting that leaks fuel into the manifold.
>The clicking noise would be from the pump running continuously 
>to try to supply the extra demand.

The pump hardly makes any noise now, when I try to start the car, 
which is a bit difficult to hear over the racket of the starter motor.
So I checked the wire, which produced 11.5v when you try to start,
also the pump vibrates a little (as if its working).

>Possible cause could be a stuck pressure regulator => high 

Fine, I'll check this. Where is it?

>pressure in the fuel log breaks something, also causes fuel 
>pump to sound funny.

>Good luck, these things can be awfully frustrating.