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Re: Audi 4000CS Turbo

> Does anyone have any ideas on turbo charging a Audi 4000.  I'd like to
> add a turbo to my '87 4000CS Quattro.  I thought the turbo from the sibliing
> Quattro coupe could be bolted on.  My local Audi mechanic pointed out that
> new Audi part would make this project to expensive and that used part from
> salvage would be to 1) to risky and 2) to hard to find.  He declined to do the
> research nessasary for this project.

> Has any one heard of a aftermaket kit?

I think it was Calloway I priced at ~$5500 back in '86, as for the Coup 
quattro conversion, you'd probably want a firewall forward complete donor
to start with in the next bay over.  For that kind of time and money,
go ahead and get a Coupe quattro or a 951.

Or how about:

  lower profile tires,
  lowered suspension,
  high density bushings,
  fresh shocks,
  fresh balljoints/tierod ends,
  Coupe quattro anti-roll bars,
  performance alignment,
  relocate battery,
  delete A/C, sunroof, electric windows,
  lexan side & rear windows,
  fresh 1987 1/2 or newer engine with management hardware,
  muli-angle valve job,
  port matching,
  cam and/or retime cam.

You might be able to lose 10-15 HP worth of weight and gain 25 or so
under the hood, together with less compromised handling to make it
worth while.  What have I left out?

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