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RE: Hard starting

RE: Hard starting

I have the 90 Quattro Coupe.  During certain types of weather (50's to low
60's and *very* humid - a type which we've certainly had much of lately :-( )
all of my German cars (GTI and both Audi's) had/have stumbling problems on

I haven't experienced anything requiring more than a second try at starting,
however.  I would say that there is certainly a problem which needs

It wasn't entirely clear from my read of your problem, but:
1.   Does it turn over?
2.   Haver you verified Spark?

If both of these are true (my interpreatation of your description) there is
likely some problem in the engine management system which is not allowing
fuel in to combust.  I suspect this because it somewhat correlates to my
observation with VW/Audi fuel injection systems/computers and cool (not cold)
and damp weather.

Just a thought...

Anyone else observe the same sort of cool/damp weather behavior on VW/Audi

(90 Quattro Coupe)
(91 Audi 80)
(87 GTI)
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Subject: Hard starting

Hi all.

I have a 1991 Quattro Coupe, with the 5 cyl/20 valve engine.

My problem is that if I leave the car idle for a few days, 
and then try to start it, it *sometimes* refuses to turn over.
This particually happens if the weather is not too hot 
(like 60 degrees or so). At first, this would only happen 
once or twice a year. Now it seems to be happening much more
frequently (like this past Monday, after not driving it
for Sat/Sun). The dealer looked into it, but could not
re-produce the problem, as it ran fine during the week.

Also, once started (after about 10-15 minutes of cranking), 
it runs extremly rough, especially if I give it any gas.

Thanks for any input.

`09-dave t.