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Hard starting

Hi all.

I have a 1991 Quattro Coupe, with the 5 cyl/20 valve engine.

My problem is that if I leave the car idle for a few days, 
and then try to start it, it *sometimes* refuses to turn over.
This particually happens if the weather is not too hot 
(like 60 degrees or so). At first, this would only happen 
once or twice a year. Now it seems to be happening much more
frequently (like this past Monday, after not driving it
for Sat/Sun). The dealer looked into it, but could not
re-produce the problem, as it ran fine during the week.

Also, once started (after about 10-15 minutes of cranking), 
it runs extremly rough, especially if I give it any gas.

Thanks for any input.

	-dave t.