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Who's who

   Date: Tue, 18 Aug 92 14:22:43 -0400
   From: jrd@po.cwru.edu (John R. Daker)
   Reply-To: jrd@po.cwru.edu (John R. Daker)

   John R. Daker Undergrad mechanical engineer at Case Western Reserve
   University Cleveland, Ohio

   1986 Audi 4000CS Quattro 1984 Toyota Celica GT-S 1973 Mercedes-Benz
   280SEL 4.5

   1987 Cagiva 650SS Alazzurra

   The quattro is my girlfriends, the Celica, Benz, and Duc are mine.
   She's had the Audi for a year now.  I drive it quite often, and I
   really do like it.  It's build quality is high; it feels solid.
   Not perfect though, but what is.  The ergonomics are pretty bad,
   the stereo is akin to my clock/radio.  And it pushes.  Pushes like
   a plow through the dirt, ie major understeer.  Seats aren't all
   that great.

   Likes: The engine pulls very strongly (even though not abundant in power),
   and sounds great doing it.  Wet weather stability.  Jack-rabbit
   starts.  Quality of materials.  Good visibility (except for rt.side
   mirror).  It's german.

   It is geared a little low for my tastes, but around town, all I
   need is 1st, 3rd, and 5th.  I can't believe a greman car is geared
   so low.

   How's this for an into?

For an intro, it's very impressive and summarizes the 4000 CSQ
abilities and weaknesses.  About the seats, are those the sports seats
or the regular ones ?

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