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RE: Hard starting

David Wagner writes:

> During certain types of weather (50's to low
> 60's and *very* humid - a type which we've certainly had much of lately :-( )
> all of my German cars (GTI and both Audi's) had/have stumbling problems on
> startup.

Yes, this was exactly the type of weather when I experienced problems.

> It wasn't entirely clear from my read of your problem, but:
> 1.   Does it turn over?

Yes, it finally turns over, again after 10-15 minutes of trying.
I could only get it to turn over while pressing the gas pedal
to the floor while cranking (I know I'm not supposed to do this).
When the engine finally turns over, I keep it at 3000 RPM for a 
few minutes, otherwise it would just stall. When driving, it
would run very rough, almost like when I gave it gas, it would
choke and almost stall again (even on the highway). When I used
the car later on in the day, it would be o.k.

> 2.   Haver you verified Spark?

I'd hate to sound naive, but what do you mean by this?

I seem to remember a conversation about an Audi technical bulliten
which relates to hard starting in cool/humid temps.
Does anybody have any more info on this?

Thanks again..
	- dave t.