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Re: Audi 4000CS Turbo

>Does anyone have any ideas on turbo charging a Audi 4000.  I'd like to
>add a turbo to my '87 4000CS Quattro.  I thought the turbo from the sibliing
>Quattro coupe could be bolted on.  My local Audi mechanic pointed out that
>new Audi part would make this project to expensive and that used part from
>salvage would be to 1) to risky and 2) to hard to find.  He declined to do the
>research nessasary for this project.

If you try to use new Audi parts, I think you'll be inclined to agree
with your mechanic. The price will be extremely high. In my experience,
it is very difficult to find good used Audi parts at a salvage yard.
Your best source of used parts would probably be Shokan (800-ALL-AUDI).
It's possible that you'll need to change both manifolds, the engine
computer, and lots of other odds and ends. It could very well be that
this conversion will end up being totally impractical. (It might be
cheaper to sell your car and buy the turbo car)

>Has any one heard of a aftermaket kit?

Can't recall seeing any kits advertised anywhere. You might want to
give a call to Ned Ritchie and ask him about the feasibility of your
idea. Ned owns a company called Intended Acceleration that specializes
in Audi Quattro and turbo engine computer performance mods. He'd
probably be able to tell you everything you want (or don't want) to
know. His phone # is (206)754-1411.

Greg Granville