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Re: Tire alignment


> Hi, 

> The two front tires show abnormal ware along their inside edges(about 1.5 ").
> What does that say about my alignment?

Your camber is set negatively, meaning the tops of your tires are closer 
together than your bottoms of your tires.  This should be a standard
adjustment.  If your car pulls to one side, it could be a camber or toe
problem, or combination of the two.  Toe setting is what degree each of
your tires is facing when you are aiming straight ahead.  Not sure that
castor has anything to do with inside tire wear.

> This is a road car, the old tires were Goodyear GT4.

Shouldn't matter.  Get the new suspension set up to specifications, ie
camber is probably close to 0 degrees.  Racers often set camber to negative
for improved cornering, but it wears tires out more quickly.

> Thanks

> Stamos