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Re: Running Hot

> Hello Quattro Enthusiats!

> I have a 87 5000 CS Quattro (92,000 miles)  that seems to be
> running hot lately.  The temperature gauge use to run straight
> up when the engine was hot. Now it moves right, to the hot
> side to the first dot before the 3/4 mark, and stays there.  
> It has been typical hot (90-100 F) August weather, 
> and as a result I have been running the AC almost continuously. 
> Also, I have been loosing a little coolant.  I got some of the
> "phosphate free" stuff for 10 bucks at the Audi dealer and have
> been mixing it 1/2 with water.  About once a week I have been
> adding approx 2 cups.  I don't see any liquid on the ground when
> I stop.  

> KaJensen@Novell.com

I'd test the coolant reservoir cap first, as thermostat or sensor problems
don't tend to cause fluid loss.  However, water escaping in the form of
steam (even in invisible quanitities) could add up to the amount you're adding.