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oil. Computer mods.

I can't seem to get any consensus about what weight of oil to use in my
'88 5000 turbo.  The local dealer says 20W50 in warm weather and 15W50
in cold (Boulder, CO), a local garage supposedly specializing in Audis
says 10W40 warm and 10W30 cold, the dealer I bought the car from (used,
and about a month ago) says 10W40 year-round.  Everybody says that a
synthetic wouldn't be a bad idea.

Another subject: has anybody any experience with modifying the engine
computer?  An outfit called "Intended Acceleration" (there was supposed
to be an article on them in European Car last year) does it; the local
garages claim that one can't just yank a PROM, at least not on my car.
"Intended Acceleration" requires that the whole computer be yanked and
mailed to them (2-3 day turnaround) and demands about $800 up front --
seems both drastic and pricey.