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Re: oil. Computer mods.

> I can't seem to get any consensus about what weight of oil to use in my
> '88 5000 turbo.  The local dealer says 20W50 in warm weather and 15W50
> in cold (Boulder, CO), a local garage supposedly specializing in Audis
> says 10W40 warm and 10W30 cold, the dealer I bought the car from (used,
> and about a month ago) says 10W40 year-round. 

My dealer pushes 20-50 all year but I think that's partly because
that's all they have.  They probably buy the stuff by the barrel.  I
find that none of my cars like 20-50 much, especially when cold.  My
V8 seemed to run rougher and noisier with Castrol 20-50 as well, cold
and hot.  I'm much more satisfied with either Castrol 10-40 or
Valvoline turbo 15-40, the latter I'm using now.  I've also got one
quart of Mobil 1 15-50 thrown in for fun.  The engine feels great.
I think I will use 20-50 when I have several hundred K miles on the
engine.  The Corrado runs on 100% Mobil 1 15-50.

> Everybody says that a
> synthetic wouldn't be a bad idea.

i would use all synthetic if i had a turbo.  mobil 1 15-50 or 10-30.
lots of oil co.s are starting to sell synthetics.. quaker state
advertised a 5-50 even though i haven't seen it in the stores.  mobil
has 5-50 in europe but i wonder why they don't sell it here.