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The past two days, just after I start my '87 5000 CS Quattro, I have no 
brakes.  One time I was backing up and as I went to brake the pedal was 
real stiff, (like when the ignition is off)  and I had VERY LIMITED 
BRAKING POWER.  Luckily a curb was near by and the car gently bumped into 
the curb.  :-)

Incident number two was this morning.  I was pulling out of the driveway 
onto the street and once again the pedal was stiff, and braking was very 
limited if non-existent.  Once again I :-) because no one was in my way 
and after I proceeded I could brake again.  

Both times the car had been running for probably 5-10 seconds.  Neither 
time did the car stall or loose power steering, etc.  Just the brakes.  

Any ideas on the cause?  Any ideas on the fix?   A concerned "two-footed" 
driver until this is resolved,