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Re: 87 Audi Quattro 4000 question(s)

Life in the left lane <sward@vaxwrk.enet.dec.com> writes:
>        If you look at the radiator from the front of the car, in the
>        lower left hand corner something that looks like a high pressure
>        line goes through the radiator and it looks like it is leaking
>        at the back of the radiator. Question, what system is this
>        part of? This is not to be mistaken for the rubber hose that also
>        leaves the radiator in the vicinity.

It is probably the condenser lines for the air-conditioner.  The condensor
is another radiator-like unit mounted in front of the radiator.

>        Second question. I get hot air from my front sidewents even when
>        the heat is off. Is this a known problem?

You probably need to replace the heater valve.  It is a small plastic valve
under the hood (connected to the coolant path in the back of the cylinder
head) that you control with the heater temperature control.  If it doesn't
seal well in the "cold" position you'd have hot air.  The heater valve is
an inexpensive part and is easy to replace.

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