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KAJENSEN%sjfsmtp@novell.com (Jensen, Kathy A) writes:

>The past two days, just after I start my '87 5000 CS Quattro, I have no 
>brakes.  One time I was backing up and as I went to brake the pedal was 
>real stiff, (like when the ignition is off)  and I had VERY LIMITED 
>BRAKING POWER.  Luckily a curb was near by and the car gently bumped into 
>the curb.  :-)

Does the braking power return after running it a while?  Does the
"Auto-check system" produce any warning chime and symbols on the
dash?  Check the hydraulic fluid reservoir.  Is it up to the full mark?
Fill *ONLY* with the Audi approved hydraulic mineral oil (not ATF or
"power steering fluid"!!!).  Is the hydraulic pump belt in good
condition and at proper tension?   Check the hoses attached to the
hydraulic pump.  Any visible fluid leaks?  Check brake fluid reservoir
for the brake fluid level.  Fill only with DOT4 brake fluid (such as
Castrol LMA).  Are the reservoir caps in good condition and form a good

I suggest you take your car immediately to an authorized Audi service
dealer and have it inspected.  Your car has a combined power steering/power
brakes hydraulic system that must be serviced by a trained auto mechanic
that is familiar with this system.

Good luck...

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